1 Bridgerton Interior

Bridgerton Interior


Bridgerton, the first TV series from Shondaland, streamed on Christmas on Netflix; since that day, the series breaks records ( 63 million views). Many sources have confirmed that the shooting for season 2 will be commenced in spring 2021. In the second season, Lord Anthony Bridgerton will be playing the lead role. This series has been inspired by one of the best writer Julia Quinn’s novel. In season one, the Bridgerton family’s eldest daughter, Daphne, made its debut in Regency London’s marriage market. But the most important and interesting fact is that besides the romance between Daphne and Duke of Hastings, Featherington family terms and Lady Whistledown’s scandals in London’s high society, most of the attention was grabbed by the interior.

Regency style interior

It does not require you to be a drama specialist to appreciate Bridgerton’s regency interior. The interior is all about delighting, and sophisticated furniture, attractive boudoirs, and vintage costumes are the viewers’ complete visual delight. Vintage furnishing has been a massive trend of 2021, with more searches for secondhand home items till the end of 2020. Trends are changing day by day, but the latest boom is all about fashion but now making its way towards the interior style.
As stated by the luxurious furniture stylist, “Since the early 19th century, interior styling has evolved with the touch of rich deep colours blended with light champagnes and sheds of blue and greens. Interiors of the era aim to bring individuality and characters to the furniture as the furniture’s decorative depicts the individual’s glamour, personality, and taste.

1 1 Bridgerton Interior


Get the Bridgerton look. (Bridgerton Interior)

The Bridgerton family’s key colour is “Wedgewood Blue”, which symbolizes the heritage colour inspired by Wedgewood pottery of the 18th century. The colour is seen in the Bridgerton family’s vintage gowns and furniture. The Bridgerton house has a colour scheme of a blend of pale blue, creamy yellow and subtle gold.

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The exterior scenes of the Bridgerton were shot at the Red Bricked Georgian Mansion known as “Rangers house” located in South London. According to Hughes Jones: shooting at a 100 years old building with an idea of the clean line was a very tricky thing, so the interior rooms were built on a soundstage.
Bridgerton has undoubtedly given the Regal interiors a new life as it clearly describes the Regal era’s styles with the use of patterned fabric along with ebonized wood and soft blue shades. Interior designer Go w Cromwell and Hugh Jones made the furniture treatment and setups from scratch for around 250 sets. As a large number of items were required, so improvisation was necessary.
Jones: ” Our graphic designers created vinyl prints for the console tables which gave a look of marble texture.”
To give a new life to regency trends, Bridgerton aesthetic interior is not limited to some item; it may include a variety of classic chandelier, vintage wallpapers, colour blends of blue, pink, green teen, yellow and orange, regal fabrics, and high society and luxurious four-poster beds that you desire to bring the beautiful interior style of Bridgerton and Featheringtons houses. Here’s how you can arrange to get a little Bridgerton at your place and a garden inspired by regency decor styles.


Product descriptions
Chandelier candles, £8.31/20- Pack

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As to describe the era before the invention of lightbulbs, every night scene of the Bridgerton series has been illuminated by numerous chandelier candles, which gives the whole set a very romantic glow.
Every scene in Bridgerton that neared night-time was impeccably lighted by countless chandeliers, candelabras, and taper candles that add a romantic glow to every corner. Candles are an easy way to elevate any room’s ambience instantly, so don’t be afraid to pop them almost everywhere in the home.

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French armchair, £838.75

Who does not remember the countless mornings spent by the Bridgerton’s in the drawing-room for visitors’ arrival? Bridgerton family is sitting on delighting lounges and French armchairs, engraved with woodwork and decorative patterned fabric in the attractive highlight of every scene. The French chair for living rooms is inspired by French designs of Louis era 15 and is the best thing to fit for Bridgeton’s living and drawing-room.

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Maxwell & Williams 225ml Crystal Wine and champagne glass set @ £31.04/ for the collection of four.

Bridgerton had in excess was the party scenes with people having a glass of wine in their hands. To maintain the legacy of elaborate regal styling, beautiful cut crystal glasses are present on every party’s table. So here are these Maxwell and William’s Crystal wine glass set to take your dinner party to the next level experience.

1 6 Bridgerton Interior

Oriental Rug @ £75.5/ per piece

As beautiful wallpapers adorn Bridgerton Mansion walls, floors are covered by beautifully patterned rugs that give your feet a wonderful feeling and comfort to walk on. These decorative styled rugs can be an excellent addition for any home to give your home a Bridgerton look. These rugs are present in many colour and sizes.

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Wedgwood Magnolia Blossom Vase @ £ 175.0

The Wedgwood vase is a lovely handcrafted vase made by skilled artisans. This vase a beautiful heritage touch in a Wedgwood blue tone

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Velvet Jacquard curtains- £70/

These beautifully made velvet jacquard curtain will bring a luxurious touch to your living rooms.

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Antique gold mirror- £450/

The too fabulous gold mirror surrounded by an antique metal frame is just needed for every living room to give it a Bridgerton Interior look.


⦁ Width: 60cm
⦁ Length: 102cm

1 11 Bridgerton Interior

Three-way chandelier (white and gold) with clear droplets- £40

Nothing brighter ups your place more than a chandelier, and a white and gold themed chandelier is a modern trend along with traditional lights. It’s perfect for and bedroom, dining or living room.

1 12 Bridgerton Interior

The luxurious pink velvet bed is the most attention-grabbing item of the show. Its handcrafted mahogany frame and French plush velvet upholstery are just perfect for your bedrooms.

Invest in all these interior options to get your home and garden a grand regal Bridgerton look.