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4 Natural Colours


Colours have the power to change the entire aura of a place and uplift every object in the room. This is why choosing the perfect colours when designing your home can be a challenging task. It is worth taking your time to consider the best combinations that compliments your decor.

Natural colours in interior design are becoming a popular option. They spread au naturale vibes, a refreshing feel when you walk barefoot on freshly cut grass or coolness of the sea breeze brushing against your face. They tend to be cooler colours that bring calm and peace into the atmosphere, while your home environment always brims with liveliness and joy.

In addition, if you prefer your interior to give out balanced energy, natural colours are unique and just right for the purpose. They do not grab all the attention of the room; rather, they elevate the presence of furniture and decorations of the room.

Everything stands out – yet together.

For Interior Design we suggest …..

Natural colours are infinite but here are some trendy options that may suit your home.

Earthy Brown

Soothing and serene, Earthy Brown goes well with just about any interior design. It accommodates its surroundings and adds a classical and vintage touch to the room.

Lush Green

The grassy mix fills the air with a peculiar freshness and cool spirits. It makes the home feel spacious and lively. You might like to decorate the room with darker shades for furniture to really boost its energy.

Water Blue

Imagine yourself sailing on the gentle waves of the ocean. Water blue has that calming effect. It provides a balanced temperature to its surroundings, not too cold or too warm. If you love surfing the waves, this is the interior hue to adorn your home with.

Sunset Orange

The glory of the sun as it sets, turning the sky orange; A modern twist to the traditional warm lit homes, this color captures the confident feel of larger rooms or hallways in the house.

Natural colours in interior design are perfect if you want to remain minimalist yet unique. With numerous colours trending this year, choose the hue that captures your heart and let the painting begin. Bring your vision to life by using the ‘right’ natural colours to adorn the places you love most.


IMG 2541 Natural Colours
Earthy Creativity Palette by Deluxe
IMG 2537 Natural Colours
Earthy Brown by Graham & Brown
IMG 2538 Natural Colours
Lush Greene by Little Greene
IMG 2540 Natural Colours
Water Blue Look by Farrow & Ball


What are your favourite naturals?